Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hydrogen drumkit contest closed


The drumkit contest was quite a bit of work (a LOT more than expected!), but I'm quite happy with the result !

The drumkit contest chapter is not yet completely closed (I still need to get the prizes to the winners and upload the drumkits), but already I'm thinking about possible future contests : song contest, pattern contest, artwork ...

However, I wonder if we could change the formula?  Would it be possible to create a virtual money-box that people can donate some money to, and once the money-box reaches a certain amount, we launch a contest and the money-box money is used to pay for the prize(s)

Mmm ... wonder if someone has done something like this before ?


  1. or maybe the winner can get a feature of his choice added on hydrogen, that way everyone wins, and no money involved

    1. that's an interesting idea ...
      however, it's often not so easy to implement a feature request since it might impact other parts of the application (assuming it is at all feasible of course).
      Or maybe we could make a short-list of possible features and have the winner pick a feature from that list.
      hmm ... it's worth thinking about i guess

      thanks for the suggestion !