Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jack_session first steps : it ROCKS !

I just did a first test with the jack_session session management and i gotta say i'm impressed !
The setup was simple : AlsaPlayer, Yoshimi and Qtracktor. To manage jack i upgraded QjackCtl to version V0.3.7 (from the KXStudio PPA) and after starting it up i saw a new 'Session' button on it:

Monday, August 22, 2011

session management confusion

Like i wrote before : there are LOTS of session management options to choose from in the linux world. They all more-or-less do the same thing, but they dont work for all apps, require different jack versions ...

Today i stumbled upon a forum thread on that illustrates this confusion very well.

Let me warn you : the chances are that you will be even more confused after reading this ;-)

quick & easy audio setup

I have been thinking about the easiest and quickest way to configure my current live setup (jack-hydrogen-alsaplayer) that i talked about in previous posts.  The goal is to startup the PC, click 1 shortcut and the setup is running.
You could see this as a 'mini' session, so LADISH could be an option.  However, i wanted to keep it really simple since the configuration of this setup doesn't change often and there are only 3 components in the setup.

I decided to write a small bash script :