Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hydrogen drumkit creator script V5 is here !

It should have been V3, but V3 and V4 sucked big time so i had to put them down ...

Anyway :
here is V5 !

And what does it do that V2 couldn't do ?
It can take an existing drumkit as input and convert it to FLAC and OGG

Why ?
Because that is really cool + it reduces the size of the drumkit drastically.
An example: Gabriel's 'AC guitar strums' drumkit (the one that won the Hydrogen Drumkit contest) is 370MB in it's original form (using WAV samples), 135MB in FLAC format and only 7MB in OGG format !!
Of course the conversion to OGG does have an impact on the sound quality while the FLAC version maintains the same quality as the original.
What format you want to use is you choice, but 1 good reason to use OGG is to save space, both on disk and in RAM when the drumkit is loaded.