Sunday, September 23, 2012

The 'Drumbody'

A couple of weeks ago I received Wolke's 'Drumbody' : a DIY midi controller that is -more or less- made especially for Hydrogen :

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Denon CRB 90 Rhythm Box for Hydrogen

Hi all
I finally found some time to finish my 'Denon Rhythm Box' Hydrogen drumkit

A Denon Rhythm Box ?
That's right, a Denon Rhythm Box :

Check out this video if you want to see it in action (note that this box has been modded), and I even found a blog dedicated to this device !

As you probably have noticed : the capabilities of the box and the quality of the sounds are not all that fantastic compared to what other boxes can do, but keep in mind that this box dates from ... euh ... way back !

Btw: I actually don't own the Denon box I used to record the sounds from.  A friend just kinda left it at my parents home after one of our rehersals and 'forgot' about it, but now that I have the samples I can give it back to him (he'll be really happy ;-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hydrogen drumkit contest closed


The drumkit contest was quite a bit of work (a LOT more than expected!), but I'm quite happy with the result !

The drumkit contest chapter is not yet completely closed (I still need to get the prizes to the winners and upload the drumkits), but already I'm thinking about possible future contests : song contest, pattern contest, artwork ...

However, I wonder if we could change the formula?  Would it be possible to create a virtual money-box that people can donate some money to, and once the money-box reaches a certain amount, we launch a contest and the money-box money is used to pay for the prize(s)

Mmm ... wonder if someone has done something like this before ?