Sunday, September 23, 2012

The 'Drumbody'

A couple of weeks ago I received Wolke's 'Drumbody' : a DIY midi controller that is -more or less- made especially for Hydrogen :

This neat little device is USB powered, measures 13x13x4cm (a very sturdy metal case) and 'just works'.
There are 8 velocity sensitive drumpads available, 3 potentiometers, a couple of switches and a nifty menu that allows you to configure the device.

As you can see on the picture above there are also 8 (cinch) connectors that allow you to connect external drumpads.

Unfortunately for me I had to send this baby on a trip around the world (well almost, Belgium > Chile is quite a long way for such a little box) to it's new owner, the winner of the drumkit contest : Gabriel Verdugo.

I will miss you, you little blue beauty, but i'm sure Gabriel will take good care of you.  Snif ...


  1. update: the Drumbody has arrived!
    I repeat: the Drumbody has arrived !

  2. Wow. O_o
    I wish there was something cheap similar to this.
    An AKAI is just too much expensive.