Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jack_session first steps : it ROCKS !

I just did a first test with the jack_session session management and i gotta say i'm impressed !
The setup was simple : AlsaPlayer, Yoshimi and Qtracktor. To manage jack i upgraded QjackCtl to version V0.3.7 (from the KXStudio PPA) and after starting it up i saw a new 'Session' button on it:

I made a couple of Audio connections in QjackCtl, changed some settings in Yoshimi and added a couple of tracks in Qtracktor. Then i hit the 'Session' button in QjackCtl and pressed the Save button in the Session window. After entering the name of the session (+ optional description) the session was saved.
After closing down all the apps and shutting down jack, I reopened QjackCtl and from the panel indicator (but you can also do it from the QjackCtl main window) i selected Session > Load > pointed to the session directory and in a matter of seconds my whole session was restored !
The session window shows you a nice overview of the running apps, the connections and the settings file used.

This is pretty much a dream come true :-)

Some remarks :
- as usual there is very little info to be found on this and it's still not clear what jackd version i am supposed to use (i currently have 1.9.7 installed an that seems to work)
- QjackCtl's session window is initially empty. This confused me since it looked as if there where no jack_session enabled apps running (or QjackCtl could not detect any)
- AFAIK there is no webpage/list that gives an overview of what apps are jack_session enabled

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