Monday, November 7, 2011

PRO DSP1000P automation with Hydrogen ?

Up until now we have always rehearsed and gigged without any FX applied to the vocals.  In fact we use almost no FX on any of our instruments either.  I guess that mainly has to do with the no-nonsense in-your-face type of pop/rock we play.
However, after or last gig my niece said we should add a bit more reverb to the vocals.
When i told her that we have no FX unit (not even built into the mixer) she looked at me as if i was some sort of alien  ;-)

I dont like people looking at me as if i'm an alien, so today we bought a second hand FX unit

The PRO DSP1000P is a (discontinued) multi-effects processor by Behringer.  It's not the best FX unit available, but it should be more than sufficient for us.
It has all the IO i need + it is fully midi controllable.

Initially we will be using it as a simple reverb unit, but since it is midi controllable + we use Hydrogen for loops  ...  the mind boggles  ;-)
Imagine being able to select a specific FX preset for each song automatically.  Imagine being able to use a different FX in the chorus than in the verse ...

Hydrogen is capable of sending midi messages, so theoretically it's possible ...

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