Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today i bought a pair of KRK VXT6 studio monitors  :-)

This is how it works : "take your favorite CD's with you, listen to the monitors, chose the one that sounds 'right' for you"

Some remarks if I may :

1) It has been over a year since i bought a real CD.  Like many people i have mainly switched to MP3, and although i know that MP3 is nowhere near the quality of CD (or FLAC) it has become the consumer standard.  And that's a fact.
So there was no other option than to burn some MP3's to audio CD and take some 'old' 'real' audio CDs with me.

2) 'The one that sounds right for you' is obviously very subjective so i'm not gonna go into that.  What is easier to determine is how much they should cost.  Initially i wanted to get a 8" woofer speaker for better bass reproduction, but when i compared the VXT6's to some of the other 8" woofer monitors the VXT6's didn't seem to have any trouble producing a nice even bass that you can really 'feel'.  The VXT8's probably would have done a better job, but being on a budget i didnt even listen to them.  (being on a budget sometimes makes choosing easier ;-)
Note that i'll be using my monitors mainly for pop/rock, acoustic instruments, and spoken word.  If you are making dance/electro music i can imagine that 8" is a must.  This said, i can always add a subwoofer to the setup if i need one.

In all honesty I must admit that i read several reviews before buying the monitors and was a bit biased to choose KRK.  With good reason it turned out  :-)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to install my shiny-new monitors !

Oh, and by the way : the VXT's are Linux compatible  ;-)

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