Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As you probably know softsynths come in all shapes and sizes : stand-alone apps, plugins (DSSI), soundfont players, modular synthesis, emulators ...

After a lot of testing and playing around i decided to use these in my setup :
- AMsynth : a simple but very high quality 'analogue' modular synth
- Qsynth : this is actually a GUI frontend to fluidsynth witch is a soundfont player (plays SF2 files)
- Phasex : a not-so-simple 'analogue' modular synth with virtually unlimited possibilities but a very un-sexy interface
- Bristol / Brighton : an engine + GUI with some great classic synth emulations (including the original synth look ! - very sexy)

There are some more synths that i sometimes use (like Yoshimi, Hexter ...) but for now i'll limit my setup to these and try to figure out what session management system works best for me.

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