Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mac and Linux

A couple of weeks ago i took a 3-session workshop on audio producing in 'het Entrepot' where i met a couple of nice guys that made me feel quite old ;-)
Since it was a hands-on workshop, we all had our laptops with us, so it was really cool to see everyone's workflow.

The workshop was lectured by Mattias (aka DJ Biaz) who got his audio engineering degree at SAE and works in Concertgebouw Brugge as chief audio engineer.  In his spare time he is a DJ and he creates his own music.  It's safe to say that he knows what he is talking about !
During the workshop we talked about audio producing and more specific about how making music on Linux differs from making music on a Mac (the industry standard).  At first he was surprised to see someone using Linux to make music and later on this changed to curiosity...

A week ago i contacted him again and asked him if he would be interested in 'an experiment'.  The idea is to make a comparison between the Mac and Linux apps.
Not a competition but an open minded look at both systems/apps.

I'm quite exited about this !
stay tuned ...

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