Monday, September 29, 2014

The 'MOD duo' on Kickstarter

Hi all,

It's happening : the 'MOD duo' kickstarter campaign is on !
The MOD team has been working on this guitar stomp box for quite some time, and everything they learned from making their prototype (the MOD quadra) has been applied in the MOD duo concept.

And I must say I'm impressed, so impressed that I just ordered one !

Why am I impressed ?

1) The concept is quite unique : you buy the hardware, you load whatever plugin(s) you like, assign knobs, connect the plugins any way you want...  Once done you save the config, unplug your PC and you have a stand-alone guitar stomp box.

2) It's running linux (duh, what else!), uses the LV2 open plugin standard and there is even an Arduino interface available for it.  This has 'hackable' written all over it !

3) It's not just a guitar stomp box : you can connect midi controllers or a midi keyboard, load a softsynth plugin, and voila : instant synth !
Add a vocoder plugin to it and i can see some really great possibilities !

4) There are plans to let you use the MOD duo as USB audio interface.  Plug it into your PC and you will have access to the input/output and also to the processed sound.  The actual implementation for this largely depends on the amount of money that the MOD team is able to collect via the kickstarter campaign

These guys really put a lot of time and effort in this box, and (praise the lord) not just in the hardware, but also in the interface which is really awesome.  Awesome and simple, making it accessible and very intuitive to anyone, even guitarist like me ;-)
You can try out the interface right here.

If you play guitar, or bass, or keys, or sing, or ... check out this project.  It's worth it !


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  1. update:
    - integrated tuner (on the MOD display) ? > CHECK
    - integrated MP3 player for play-along practice ? > CHECK
    - support for external MIDI food pedal ? > CHECK