Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hydrogen pattern editor buttons

After finding out about some nifty 'new' features (not really new, i just didn't know they existed!) in Hydrogen i created some more mockups:

It still needs work, but it's getting better IMO !

And a previous version :


  1. :D This looks awesome!! can wait for it to be on the trunk !! thank you

    :) of course this turn on my creativity so i have some suggestions:
    -could you make a button to the "turn off res" that there is on the drop down res menu now?

    and perhaps some buttons to get fixed note lengths, i think this feature will improve the melodic parts of the h2 songs, like:
    -double whole note/breve
    -whole note/semibreve
    -half note/minim
    -crotchet/quarter note
    -eight note/quaver
    -sixteenth note/semiquaver

    :D please consider it :), greetings from southamerica!

  2. btw if you tell me what size the icons are and how many will you be needing iĺl be happy to provide it, :P as i dont, know anything about coding :P
    please consider it :D,
    greetings again!, and thank you for you your kind response on the other thread ;)

  3. i'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks !

  4. :D awesome, if you need anything, click on my name, and make an ask on my tumblr, i check that almost daily :), greetings!