Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PPA for Hydrogen (part2)

After some testing (and some problems on a system of one of the Hydrogen users) i discovered that the KXStudio PPA seems to install more than just Hydrogen 0.9.5 when you install it.
Apparently Filipe uses the latest-and-greatest packages to build Hydrogen (and all the other apps he has on his 'main' PPA) and this causes the automatic install of a number of recent lib's and even a more recent version of jackd.

After talking to Filipe about this it looks like Hydrogen is about to get it's very own PPA !

The only difference would be that in this PPA Hydrogen will be compiled using the official (but outdated) packages and as a consequence no other (more recent) packages will be auto-installed when you install Hydrogen.

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